EdUCate! Math Academy

“Math was my worst subject and I used to hate it. Math is now my favorite subject and I love it! I went from a D to a B and it is so nice to finally understand.” – Standley Middle School Student

“I’ve been here for almost 4 months and it has been wonderful the whole ride. Just the atmosphere and teachers and students helping one another has been amazing. I am just honored to be part of a wonderful program.” – University City High School Student

The Need

  • math academy standley-1-5Research indicates that middle school is a critical time in determining math achievement in later years
  • In high school, students at all levels desire periodic help with math concepts
  • Many programs are aimed at lower achieving students, but there is a need for a program aimed at all performance levels

The Program

math academy standley-1-6The EdUCate! Math Academy began in 2012-2013 as a 6-week pilot program at Standley Middle School. Today, the EdUCate! Math Academy instructs students at both Standley Middle and University City High Schools and is projected to serve over 300 students in 2016-2017.

The middle school program serves 50 students per 15-week session (2 sessions per school year) and consists of teachers, peer tutors, Khan Academy online instruction, homework help and drop-in tutoring. The high school program meets 3 days per week and has a dynamic drop-in format aided by teachers, peer tutors and community volunteers. Last year, the high school math academy program served over 220 students. Read more about the EdUCate! Math Academy in our newsletter.