How To Apply

All applications are due by Friday, April 6, 2018, 2:30 pm to the following address:

UC High School
Attn: Ms. Sherryl Godfrey, Counselor
6949 Genesee Ave.
San Diego, CA  92122

Sherryl Godfrey
(858) 457-3040, x223

Kelsey Bradshaw, Head Counselor
(858) 457-3040, x224


The Sonnenberg family and Sonnenberg CPA firm offer two $2,000 scholarships: one to a female senior student and one to a male senior student.  The criteria for the scholarship are:
• UCHS student in their senior year attending college (2 yr or 4 yr) in fall of 2018.
• Destination: Major in Business (e.g. Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Investing)
• GPA: 3.0 or higher
• Consideration will be given to candidates with a combination of achievement including citizenship, volunteerism, school involvement, athletics and/or financial need.

Download: 2018 Sonnenberg Business Scholarship application


Bruce and Kevin Murray, sons of Thalia Murray, and Elizabeth Murray, in partnership with EdUCate! established an annual $2,000 scholarship in her memory that’s been awarded since 2005 to an eligible University City High School senior. Thalia Murray received a scholarship that let her start attending Radcliffe, a high-quality, 4-year college from which she graduated. This opportunity dramatically increased her options in life. Mrs. Murray taught in the San Diego Unified School District for 17 years, including 16 years at Marcy Elementary in U.C. Our goal for this scholarship is to help a motivated and high achieving, graduating senior from UC High to get a good start in college.

• Senior student at UC High
• Acceptance to a 4-year college
• Minimum Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA) of 3.75 for Grades 9-12
• Financial need
• Application required including 2 short essays
• Certified UC High Transcript required
• Interview of finalists
(Note: Committee comprised of donors and EdUCate! members will choose recipient)

Download: 2018 Thalia Murray Scholarship information and application form

Past Thalia Murray Scholarship Recipients:
2005  Deanna Hayley, UCSB 2009 graduate and Brandy Burns, CSU Sacramento
2006  Raymond Flores, University of PA/Wharton Business, 2010 graduate
2007  Ksenia Dyachok, UCLA 2011 graduate
2008  Leslie Grant, UCLA  2012 graduate
2009  Liora Jaffe, UC Berkeley 2013 graduate
2010  Diana Bahena, SDSU 2015 graduate and Nina Gu, Harvard 2014 graduate
2011  Juliet Nussbaum, UC Berkeley 2015 graduate
2012  Bridget Webb, UCLA 2016 graduate
2013  Sarah Em, Case Western Reserve University
2014  Lauren Snell, UCSD
2015  Susan Cruz, USD
2016  Sloan Quessenberry, USC
2017  Veronica Berta, UCSD